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Cosmetic Tattooing (also known as Permanent Make Up) is suitable for people who would like to enhance their natural beauty, creating the perfect make up look that will last 24/7. 

Pigment is carefully added on the first procedure and then adjusted and completed in a second top up session, which is undertaken 4-12 weeks after allowing the colour to settle and the skin to fully heal.

*PLEASE NOTE* A patch test will be required at least 24 hours before first treatment. You will also need a second top up session for permanent make up within the 4-12 weeks of having the first session. This is your responsibility to make sure this is booked in. We would strongly advise booking the second procedure online or in the salon on the day of your first procedure.

Here at We Are Beauty Mode, I have been trained by one of the top trainers in the South East and I pride myself in offering you the best service from start to finish, offering you advanced techniques using both hand held tools and digital equipment, designed specifically for the cosmetic market.



Microblading is a technique used for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows. This is done by using a hand held tool with a row of superfine nano needles, This is then transferred in to the pigment and scratched in to your skin. This technique is used to create natural hair strokes that resemble brow hairs, creating the most natural and realistic look. Microblading has quickly become the most popular method in semi permanent make up.


Combination brows is a technique that uses a combination of microblading (hair strokes) and powder brow (shading). This consists of microblading at the front of the brow, and shading in the middle and towards the tail of the brow to create a natural but fuller looking brow.


This is another semi permanent make up technique that uses a digital machine designed specifically for the cosmetic market. We use this to place tiny dots of pigment on the skin to create a soft shaded look that is lighter at the front of the brow and darker towards the tail. This gives the appearance of a brow pencil make up look.


Clients who would like a permanent make up procedure need to ensure they are suitable for the treatment before booking. 


If any of the following applies you are NOT SUITABLE to have the procedure and you CANNOT be treated:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding - please wait at least 3 months after 

  • Under the age of 18

  • Suffer from keloid scarring 

  • Suffer from haemophilia 

  • Infectious diseases / anti-immune diseases

  • Blood conditions such as HIV or Hepatitis 

  • Suffer from cold sores, blisters or skin disorders in the area to be treated

  • Take blood thinners (warfarin, aspirin or ANY blood thinner) - unless you have doctors written consent

  • Take roaccutane / Antabuse / acne medication - must wait at least 6 months

  • Epilepsy seizure in the last 2 years

  • Had an operation within 3 months (including cesareans, breast augmentations etc)   

  • 6 weeks pre or post radiotherapy/chemotherapy

  • Had permanent makeup done before elsewhere and is very badly saturated and scarred - consultation required and removal may be advised before new brows 

If you are considering having semi permanent make up, we strongly advise that you have read through our terms and conditions and ensured that you are suitable for the treatment prior to booking. Once you have booked and paid the booking fee this is non-refundable.


  • Patch testing is needed for semi-permanent make up so you'll need to pop into the salon 24 hours prior

  • Brow tinting should only be performed 14 days prior to treatment

  • Please wait 2 weeks post botox or fillers to have a brow treatment

  • For lip treatments, you may need to get Zovirax 1 week prior and post to treatment if you suffer from cold sores

  • You must NOT take, vitamins, ibuprofen, aspirin or anti-inflammatories for at least 72 hours prior to booking

  • Avoid alcohol and coffee intake at least 48 hours prior to treatment

  • If you are on any blood thinning medication you may be able to obtain a doctors note prior to treatment which will enable you to have the treatment - please speak to your doctor and technician prior to booking 


The day of your Permanent Cosmetics treatment will start with a consultation where we will analyse your brows and features, discuss colouring and what your expectations are. A topical numbing cream is then applied before and during the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible throughout. A template is then drawn and once you are 100% satisified, we will begin with the procedure. There will be some redness and slight swelling, which should subside within 24 hours. The pigment will initially be more prominent, however the colour will gradually fade to your desired look. The healing process is normally 4 weeks. After it has been 4 weeks we can assess your cosmetic procedure and make any improvements on your top up session which is due 4-12 weeks after the first procedure.


A complimentary aftercare kit is provided on the day of your first procedure with a guide to help you look after your enhancement.​ You then follow the same aftercare each time you have the procedure done.

Ensure you use a clean cotton bud for each application and do not force the removal of scabs or flakes by picking, scratching or removing the pigment. From days 2 to 6 after the treatment the treatment area may experience the following symptoms.


Please do NOT do the following for 14 days:

  • Use hot water on the area treated.

  • Use soaps, cleansers, baby wipes, make up wipes or even scrub the pigmented area.

  • Put make-up on the treated area.

  • Use chlorine pools, Jacuzzis, steam rooms or saunas.

  • Have hot, steamy, long showers or baths.

  • Put any acid products or harsh skin care products on the pigmented area or around.

  • Use sunbeds (try to avoid all sun exposure to the area).

Please ensure when you wash your hair, that you tilt your head back and insure no water or products go onto the pigmented area and use luke warm water. You will have a visor included in your after-care bag to help with this. It is normal for the area to look lighter after 7 to 14 day as this is normally when all the flaking has stopped. The true colour will only then resurface by week 4. This is why a top up is required 4 to 12 weeks after the initial procedure. The top up includes retouching, adjusting the shape, adding more colour and making any alterations needed. 


From days 1 to 3, please clean and wipe your brows gently using cool boiled water and a cotton pad. Please ensure the cotton pad is only damp. Then apply a thin layer of the ointment provided after each cleansing session.


From day 4 only apply a thin layer on the brows once a day until the peeling process has stopped. This can be anywhere from day 4-14.

You can only then apply make up onto the treated area once the flakes have gone and the skin is healed.

Everyone’s healing process is different we cannot determine how long your skin will take to heal.

It is normal for the colour of the brows to look much darker from the second day. This is because the treatment area has began the healing process.


Brows normally fade by around 40% on the first session and then remember the colour will not be fully healed until week 4. 

All first treatments require a top up 4 to 12 weeks later. Top ups are not included in the initial treatment price. Failure to attend top ups will result in less than desired results and additional costs/charges.


To avoid pigment fading for as long as possible avoid excess sun exposure and use sunscreen with a minimum SPF 50.


If you are planning on having an MRI, a chemical peel or any skin or laser treatment, please ensure you inform your technician that you have had a permanent make up treatment.


Following a permanent make up procedure you should not be eligible to give blood for at least 6 months.


Please ensure if you have Botox or fillers in the area to be treated you wait at least two weeks before the treatment - for future reference.

A top up is required 4-12 weeks after your first session and then recommended once every 12 – 36 months (depending on your skin type, medication and lifestyle factors) to help keep your Permanent Make Up enhancement looking fresh and beautiful!

If you have any further questions please contact the salon via telephone or through our socials.

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