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Waxing removes the hair from the root, meaning the new hair growth will take a lot longer to grow back than if you are to shave. You will find that after a few sessions your hair growth will become a lot softer and finer, making it a lot less noticeable. 

Here at Beauty Mode we use the Phd wax system. This system is the most hygienic method of hair removal as it has an attachable applicator head that is fully disposable and changed for each client.

We also offer Hot wax for more intimate areas to make this more comfortable for our clients. Not only is hot wax great for shorter and more stubborn hairs, it also does not pull on the skin at all, making it more pain free for you. I would highly recommend trying this if you haven’t yet.

Half leg - £20


3/4 leg - £25


Full leg - £32


Bikini wax - £14


Bikini hot wax - £18


Brazilian (Hot wax only) - £30


Hollywood (Hot wax only) - £34


Underarm wax - £12


Underarm hot wax - £16


Forearm wax - £18


Full arm wax - £23


Lip wax - £10


Chin wax - £10


Lip & Chin - £18


Eyebrow wax - £12


Back wax - £23


Chest wax - £23


Half leg & bikini - £32


Full leg and bikini - £42

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